JACKIE TERRELL Pridegroomnyc



WHO IS YOUR DOG? My dog is Pip and he is a Jack Russell Terrier mix. We got him from the shelter 3 years ago.WHAT IS HIS FAVORITE TOY? It changes, but for about a year it was a sock that my grandson George left here on Christmas. WHEN YOUR PHONE RINGS, DO YOU EVER HOPE IT’S HIM? Yes. Unless I’m hoping for one of my daughters. Scratch that. I can speak to them any time. Who is your dog’s favorite family member? why? Both myself and my partner but my partner is a man & so is my dog so there is the male bonding. What is your dog's favorite human food? Almonds. What is your favorite memory with your dog? When I was sick & he took care of me. What famous person does your dog remind you of? Barack Obama. What is your dog's most distinguishing characteristic? His sweetness. Have you ever licked your dog back? No! Is your dog a dog person or a people person? People. What's your dog’s favorite song? Major Tom (German version). What’s the smartest thing your dog has ever done? Fetch a toy by me naming it. What’s your dog’s motto? Home sweet home. Has your dog made you a better person? Yes. Anything else you want to tell us about your 4-legged friend? He is my role model.