WHO IS YOUR DOG? Lucky. Who is your dog’s favorite family member? WHY? My husband Scott. She finds his beard a comfortable place to nap. Have you ever checked your phone to see if you had a missed call from your dog? Ummm.... no? What is your dog's favorite human food? Carrots. In her human life she's a vegetarian. What is your favorite memory with your dog? Having her on my lap at 3 months old as we drove her to her new home.  What famous person does your dog most remind you of? Chewbacca meets Ewok. Does that count? Or Melissa McCarthy. What is your dog's most distinguishing characteristic? How she sleeps on her back, tucked in under the covers, in between my husband and I. And she’s very polite. And funny. And smart. I can’t pick just ONE?!  Have you ever licked your dog back? No! Too hairy. Is your dog a dog person or a people person? People person!  What's your dog’s favorite song? he likes Led Zeppelin What’s the smartest thing your dog has ever done? Hmmmm....She won’t do something that could be impolite until invited to. She has impeccable manners What’s your dog’s moTTo? Love and be loved! Has your dog made you a beTTer person? Hellz yeah! Anything else you want to tell us about your 4-legged friend?  can't remember a time where she wasn't part of our family.