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"Your shampoo is magic"

—Sal, Manhattan Beach, CA

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The Final Coat

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Softer than ever

Pip is like a walking sachet moving through my house. And he is softer than ever.

Jackie, New York City
I want to use it too!

I want to use it too but Banjo won’t let me.

Rita, Malibu, CA
Love it!

My dog smells delicious! First time I actually used products. LOVED THEM! I am a fan!

Jennifer Eptein, Boston

Your shampoo is magic

Sal, Owner Delighted Dog
So Soft!

Before and after! smells delicious! He’s so soft. I want to buy as a a gift

Iris, NYC
Smells Delicious

Zoe smells delicious. Used the shedder and final coat on her today. Thank you!

Jen, Florida
Smells Yummy!

Gorgeous lady loved her shampoo and conditioner!!! Soft and smells yummy!


Freshly bathed and smelling good

Sara, NYC

Just washed Bella with your sensitive skin product and conditioner. She looks beautiful and smells great.

Softer Fur

Marcello's fur is softer and he smells delicious

Sleek Fur

Smokey is like no other dog in the world. His fur is sleek as a seal’s and he’s beautiful. I like the shampoo for my own hair, No kidding!


Loulou looks divine and smells heavenly

Smooth & Delicious

I was at first surprised by the consistency but then it rinsed so easily and completely...their fur was lustrous and smooth when wet....brushing after drying was almost effortless! They were perfect yesterday but are even more delicious today!

Love it

I want to use it too but Banjo won’t let me.

Rita, Malibu, CA
Great Gift!

I sent pride+Groom to my aunt and she immediately gave her dobermann Elizabeth a bath. She said both Elizabeth and her house smelled like the Four Seasons spa afterwards.

Anne, Kansas City, MO
Never Smelled Better

Dottie has NEVER smelled better. Not sure how high that bar was to begin with, but still. Yum.

Gill, East Hampton, NY
Smells So Good

I used pride+Groom THE SHEDDER on Zeus and I’ve never taken the vaccuum cleaner out less. Not to mention he smells so good my girlfriend now thinks he’s her best friend.

Gianmarco, San Francisco, CA
Love the Scent

This shampoo and conditioner is amazing...I LOVE the scent!! We have all been snuggling and sniffing Jagger all morning. The application process is superb...the bottle tip makes it so easy to use...I love the lather and the smooth feel of the product!! Well done!

Jenn, New York, NY

Real life models. Please do not be fooled.

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