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PRIDE+GROOM is excited to introduce our gift box set of THE SHEDDER shampoo and THE FINAL COAT conditioner formulated especially for your shedding dog’s fur coat.

THE SHEDDER SHAMPOO is made with super nourishing all-natural ingredients such as coconut, avocado, and jojoba oils which soothes the skin and reduces shedding, leaving a smoother, suppler coat.
THE FINAL COAT CONDITIONER is the perfect finisher for the bath—its rich, emollient formula detangles, moisturizes, and adds long-lasting head-to-tail shine.
Our clean, signature scent leaves the coat smelling amazing for days—turning your dog into walking air freshener.
No pump! Our signature cone-shaped tip means no wasted product and an easy one-handed application.

    For extra softness & shine, add conditioner & get free shipping!

    Not sure what shampoo is right for your pup


    which pride+groom
    shampoo do i choose?

    If your dog has fur, use THE SHEDDER shampoo. If your dog has hair, use THE NON SHEDDER. If you know your dog’s skin can be sensitive or if it’s a puppy, THE SENSITIVE ONE is a great choice. THE FINAL COAT can and should be used on all types of coats if shine and manageability are important to you.

    WHAT’S THE DIFF? Generally, hair feels smoother to the touch. It can be straight, wavy or curly. For example, these are some of THE NON SHEDDER users:

    • Esme


    • Taddy


    • Sally


    • Anna


    Fur on the other had is usually shorter and denser and its short growth cycles can lead to more shedding. These are some fans of THE SHEDDER :

    • George


    • Mabel


    • Sophie


    • Dug



    TIP: Brush your shedder like she’s Marcia Brady. Before bathtime, a throrough brushing will release useful oils in the skin and loosen wayward fur so you can get the best, most clarifying cleanse.

    Questions Aabout THE SHEDDER Gift Box Set

    How often should I wash my dog?
    We typically recommend washing your dog every 3 weeks, but just like people some dogs get dirtier than others. Our products are clean and natural and won’t harm your pup with more frequent use.
    Should I dry my dog?
    Yes please do! Gently squeeze out any access water from longer hair and towel dry. Gently brush, comb wet hair. Use a hair dryer on a lower heat and power setting. The ionized quieter dryers are best. Brush, comb when dry.
    Can I use PRIDE+GROOM on myself?
    You absolutely can, and we absolutely have. Fair warning, you might not go back.

    THE FUR-1-1

    Fur usually shorter and denser. It tends to have short growth cycles so that it can shed and grow in thicker during the cold months. Fur usually sheds more easily than hair for that reason, and the coat doesn’t trap the fur that sheds as much as a coat of hair would. Dogs with fur often — but not always — have a double coat, meaning they have a coarser overcoat and a soft, fine undercoat that helps them regulate their body temperature.

    We love THE SHEDDER

    I used PRIDE+GROOM’s THE SHEDDER on Zeus and I’ve never taken the vacuum cleaner out less. Not to mention he smells so good my girlfriend now thinks he’s her best friend.

    All about THE NON SHEDDER.

    I used PRIDE+GROOM’s THE SHEDDER on Zeus and I’ve never taken the vaccuum cleaner out less. Not to mention he smells so good my girlfriend now thinks he’s her best friend.

    THE SENSITIVE ONE was made for us.

    Smokey’s coat has become more sparse over the years and THE SENSITIVE ONE has smoothed and moisturized it-his skin beneath too. He is so relaxed after his bath. Thank you!

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